A youtube acl tool sketch

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A youtube acl tool sketch

Eliezer Croitoru
I have been working on couple tools that will help to filter content on
If you are not an education facility you don't have the ability to manage
youtube content or force some policy on your users.
The basic issue is that you don't want any video to be seen by your users.
We can start categorizing and build a DB that will contain a black and
whitelilst but I have written a sketch for a tool that will help to build a
squid external_acl helper to acl youtube videos access.
The tool is at:

It's BSD licensed and free for all.

There is a cgi script in ruby that can be patched to response with a pretty
json output and help external tools to use it as an API. There is also an
example in GoLang which receives a videoid argument and returns the channel
or the user which it belongs to.

Let say you are a business and you want to allow access to youtube videos
which was published by mikrotik or another company or a specific tutorial
maker but not news or other distracting things you can build an external_acl
helper based on this.

If someone is interested that  will complete this tool to work with a
specific DB or a specific text file that will be the whitelist and all the
others are banned, just contact me and with hope that I will schedule it to
the next squid release.

I am now working on the article for the release of squid 3.5.26 and 4.0.20
(The RPM's are  out..)


Eliezer Croitoru
Linux System Administrator
Mobile: +972-5-28704261
Email: [hidden email]

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