Call for adaptation after sni peeked

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Call for adaptation after sni peeked

Hi All,

This question is related to ssl decryption and ecap adaptation call. 
When the ssl connection starts then before it even extracts sni squid sends 
 fakeConnect which comes to ecap as well.
I am using peek in step 1 and after fakeConnect squid extracts the sni, but at this point squid does not make another call to ecap. This function in squid is startPeekAndSpliceDone in file
In this function it only makes a call to acl for ssl bump to check but no call to ecap adaptation checks. 

I was hoping at this point I can put a call to http->doCallouts which can make the call to ecap adapter and this time we have sni as well?

I needed this functionality as I want to make the decision using sni whether to bump the connection or not. 

Jatin Bhasin 

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