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Cisco 3550 donation

Adrian Chadd
Hm, I hate to email people about this, but here goes.

I've got an oppertunity to pick up a second-hand 12 port Cisco 3550
for AUD ~$1200. I'm not sure how long it'll be available for.
This'll help me do more WCCPv2 interception testing at speeds slightly
higher than what software routers will handle.

Would anyone be willing to donate so I could pick this up?
Please let me know privately if you're interested in helping out.

(Just FYI - my WCCPv2 testing lab at the moment is a Cisco 2651,
a Cisco 7204 (Thanks Duane/Alex!) and a Cisco 3640. A 3550 will do
WCCPv2 hash based assignment (which isn't the mask assignment the
650x's/7600's want) but it'll let me test WCCPv2 interception
at a few hundred megabits.