FW: Allowing streaming media through NTLM Authentication

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FW: Allowing streaming media through NTLM Authentication

Mathew Archibald

Apologies if this has been discussed before but I couldn't find a
solution for my exact problem in the archives.

I run Squid 2.6STABLE13 and have configured it to use NTLM
authentication for all client requests. This is working properly for
standard traffic but I am hitting a problem with streaming media.

I'm aware that most streaming media can't handle NTLM authentication
automatically and therefore when a user tries to access streaming media
a login box pops up. I don't want the users being asked to authenticate
so I'm trying to come up with a solution to instruct the proxy server to
not authenticate the streaming media.

I've tried matching on the streaming media mime types but ran into the
problem in that the mime type is in the response and not the request and
it is the request that is authenticated.

Has anyone dealt with this issue before and how did you go about
allowing streaming media through an authenticated proxy?


Mathew Archibald