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Re: SQUID with cache_peer config + E2guardian - too many connections - RESOLVED

Contato - KONNTROL
Klaus, You got it!  Thanks a lot!!

I just added the directive like:  

cache_peer parent 8080 0 login=*:password no-netdb-exchange
always_direct deny all
never_direct allow all

It worked fine now.  All those thousands of connections disappeared.
Just curious what is that "option" of "netdb-exchange".  Where can I find further info about it?

Thanks everyone!! Closed-Resolved.

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tried to add the option "no-netdb-exchange" on your cache_peer line?

On Wednesday 29 July 2020 11:50:20 Contato - KONNTROL wrote:

> Hello Amos/Klaus/Fantomas,
> Thanks for your help.
> I have searched for the "via off"  and "via on" - The directive was
> not present on the config file but I am assuming "via on" it's the
> default option. Anyway I added it to the config file. No Success. I
> also checked the visible_hostname, as suggested by Klaus (Thanks Klaus for the help!!) .
> It was set to localhost, then I changed to something different. No
> success as well.
> So, I decided to make another test using Wireshark. For that, I put
> the squid down before starting the capture, then started Squid after capturing.
> What I can see is squid sending thousands of requests (like a machine
> gun) against the E2G (loopback interface on port 8080) with thousands
> of "408 Request Time Out" entries. I also see the following HTTP GET:
> ""  by the way,  
> 8080 is E2G port. Not sure what it is. The 408 above are probably
> because of this calling.
> Attached you can see the capture file, just in case you have wireshark
> or any other software able to read .cap file. Don't worry, there is
> nothing confidential on the file. That's a LAB environment. That is
> really confusing me.
> Thank You very Much!
> Regards
> Fabricio.



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