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Re: Transparent proxying and weird urls

Larry Han
Hi, I'm having trouble with transparent proxying with transparent
proxying using wccp and squid. When I try to access some pages with
content that has long urls, such as

when going to or,applehome/1/H.8-pdvu-2/s19351179166394?MoreStuffHere

when going to, the pages refuse to connect to the server in
transparent mode for just that specific piece of content on the page.
access.log doesn't log this content either when in transparent mode.
However, when the pages are accessed with the browser set explicitly
to use squid as the proxy (therefore bypassing wccp/transparent
proxying), the long urls load fine and show up under  access.log.
However, I know that the problem is not because the url is long,
because if i google search for an extremely long phrase, the url ends
up being longer than the urls on  and but the
pages load just fine.

Has anyone had this problem before and does anyone know how to fix this?