Squid 5 binaries for: Debian, Ubuntu, CentOS, Oracle, AWS 1+2

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Squid 5 binaries for: Debian, Ubuntu, CentOS, Oracle, AWS 1+2

Eliezer Croitoru

I have just built a testing version of Squid 5 at:



In each and every directory there are couple tar.xz files:






All of the above are meant for testing squid 5 without the need to build squid by your self.

The recommended method of installation is to first install the files into a separate directory then ROOT(/).

IE to some thing like “/opt/src/squid/”

Then make sure that the permissions for all the files and folders are right and then and only then use couple manual commands to copy the relevant binaries into your system.

The system should already have some version of squid installed and the configuration should have a ready to use backup.


An example installer that can be used on Ubuntu and Debian can be found at:




it was designed for 4.4 and 4.5 but can be used as a guide for 5.X.


If you have any questions regarding these binaries let me know.

The binaries can be downloaded securely on a HTTPS url that contains the certificate with SHA-256 signature:






Eliezer Croitoru
Linux System Administrator
Mobile: +972-5-28704261
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