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This list is used for announcing new Squid releases.
This is a moderated mailing list -- subscribers are not allowed to post messages.
The amount of traffic is relatively small; perhaps one message per month.
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by Amos Jeffries
General discussion relating to Squid. The membership of this list is thousands of Squid users from around the world.
As with most mailing lists, we don't like it when different people keep asking the same questions. If you have a question for Squid users, there is a good chance that others have also had the same question. Therefore, it is a good idea to check the Squid FAQ before posting a message. If you don't find an answer in the FAQ, you should also probably check the mail archive (select one below).
Questions about Squid features and configuration questions are welcome here. Also, this is a good list for suspected bugs. If you have a confirmed bug, please report it to our Bug Database or (though please do check if someone else already reported it first).
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by roie rachamim
This small list is used for general discussions relating to Squid development. This includes ideas for new features, issues, etc.
This list is designed for people who are interested in developing and/or testing experimental squid code during the developmen and not for general users. Anyone who wishes to address the developers may post to the list or browse the archives, no subscription required. Posts from non-subscribers are moderated and may be rejected if not seen relevant to the list.
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by Omid Kosari