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TPROXY - fully transparent proxying - documentation

Adrian Chadd
I've begun assembling all the notes I've got lying about for the TPROXY

(note the typo. I was in a rush.)

Now, this is just a bunch of assembled notes from some emails to/from
Steven Wilton and someone testing TPROXY. This isn't a comprehensive
guide to setting it up (yet!); I just wanted to put together a page
with everything I had so far so I could go back and test it out
if/when I have the time.

But Squid-2.6 -is fully able- to be a fully transparent HTTP proxy;
we're willing to work with people on improving the support and documentation
and please don't listen to commercial vendors when they say its not
possible with Squid. It is. Honest. Really.

If you'd like to see the documentation improve sooner rather than later

* Please offer to help! I've already had one offer for the proxy pac
  stuff and I'll be shuffling off a t-shirt to him when it's done, and/or
* Please consider donating to the project; we're mostly not getting paid
  for any of this stuff.

Heck, would people be interested in an install image with all of this stuff
already built, so you can just drop it on a server and have it all (mostly)
work? Would people be interested in paying a little for support for this kind
of thing?