Trying use Squid on DMZ

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Trying use Squid on DMZ

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I will try to explain my problem in english

I try to install squid on DMZ, my network conf :

Firewall PFSense 2.3.1 release p3
3 Interfaces : WAN / LAN / DMZ

One Win10 Client in LAN (
One Ubuntu server 16.04 with Squid3 in DMZ (192.168.128/25)

Squid listen on port 3128 and 3129 for transparent

When I configure my browser for pass through squid it work

But, I would like use Squid in transparent mode so in my Firewall I did NAT rule, all LAN destination port (80, 443) are redirected on Squid IP port 3129

I have some ACl for try Squid and when I type in my browser, Squid tell me "access denied", it's one ACL on Squid, I conclued NAT working
But when I type another website in my browser, I have a error message that tell me "connection to can be reach" eroor 110 timed out and for https website I have "ERR_SSL_PROTOCL_ERROR"

How can I configure Squid and my Firewall for it to work? What I missed ?

I don't want use Squid package in PFSense.

Best regards,