What is a typical squid conf file

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What is a typical squid conf file

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Re: What is a typical squid conf file

Antony Stone
On Wednesday 15 August 2018 at 21:07:43, Oldman wrote:

> For a typical user

That's an "interesting" thing to define :)

> who uses squid proxy at home for caching purpose
> have dropbox , google drive etc  skype running
> on pc , mac , ios  all together 5

My recommendation is to use the default squid.conf file and see if you run into
any problems.  If you do, come back and ask here with as much detail as you
can gather on what the problem is, what shows up in the Squid log files when
the problem is occurring, and how to trigger the problem.

> Main reason is caching

You should be aware that caching is less and less effective with modern web
server practices.

I'm not saying it's not worth doing, but you won't get the cache hit rates we
enjoyed 10 years ago.

> and controling kids

Maybe you need to define "controlling" a little more so we know what you want
to do?

For example, is your primary objective to prevent them getting to sites you
don't approve of, or finding out what sites they've been looking at after
they've been there?


"It is easy to be blinded to the essential uselessness of them by the sense of
achievement you get from getting them to work at all. In other words - and
this is the rock solid principle on which the whole of the Corporation's
Galaxy-wide success is founded - their fundamental design flaws are completely
hidden by their superficial design flaws."

 - Douglas Noel Adams

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