YouTube and IMDB video ID counter\stats helper

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YouTube and IMDB video ID counter\stats helper

Eliezer Croitoru
As part of my work with YouTube and couple other sites I wrote a nice
counter\stats tool that can a help an admin if to add a specific YouTube
video to a locally hosted VOD solution.
The help is now being posted as a ruby helper and later I will try to add a
GoLang helper which supports concurrency and can take the load of big
systems with a small amount of running helpers.
The ruby helper source is at:

And later the GoLang helper will be added to this page.

The helper is designed to run as an external_acl helper which receives only
specific http requests ie POST\GET and only http urls.
It connects to a local redis DB and using this the admin can fetch using
another tool(that I will probably publish)  the stats and decide what to do.

I am using this tool to analyze what videos the users watch the most and if
I have downloaded the video I can redirect the clients from the video page
to a locally hosted one.
The user will have a button in the top of the page "get me the original
page" and he will be able to get into direct access for the YouTube page.
It was designed for desktop traffic and not mobile such as android or other


Eliezer Croitoru
Linux System Administrator
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