Youtube and other search engines strict enfrocment in Squid?

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Youtube and other search engines strict enfrocment in Squid?

Eliezer Croitoru-3
I have seen this article at:

Which offers a solution in the DNS resolution level from one domain to
another using CNAME records.
The basic example would be:

The host/service requires the destinations to be
legal ie not the CNAME itself.
This is a basc DNS based solution and I was wondering about a solution for this.
For now the real solution I have found was to install a local BIND
which forwards the queries to an upstream caching service.
On/In the local BIND we can define using RPZ these CNAMES like the example at:

I have not found another solution else then using hosts file on the
Squid host and updating it accordingly.
I have found a tiny update script at:

Which seems to do the job and I am pretty sure it can work good enough for many.

Are there any other known ways to do this?


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