helping to setting a grace time for auth_param basic

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helping to setting a grace time for auth_param basic

Juan Manuel Perrote-2

Hello I need helping on setting "grace time" to renew TTL time on a " Check TTL" using "auth_param basic program and credentialsttl".

The problem is that I use a "auth_param basic" php script to validate users, when validate squid give me a TTL, but is no grace time to renew this TTL, if I still connected to the reverse proxy, only the TTL time for the user is renewed if click just on the last seconds of TTL counter.

    auth_param basic program /etc/squid/auth/auth.php grace=10
    auth_param basic credentialsttl 60 seconds

  Cache Manager menu
	Cached Usernames: 2 of 7921
	Next Garbage Collection in 643 seconds.

	Type            State     Check TTL Cache TTL Username
	--------------- --------- --------- --------- ------------------------------
	AUTH_BASIC      Ok        58        3598      prueba

When the Check TTL time arrive to 1 if a refresh the client browser (connected to the reverse proxy) the TTL time renew to another 60 seconds, but is not refresh and arrive to 0 the 
script PHP request login again. I looking for set a grace time that a user refresh betwen the las 10 seconds can refresh the TTL.


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