[icap] Web Safety 7.4 web filter for Squid proxy is available

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[icap] Web Safety 7.4 web filter for Squid proxy is available

Rafael Akchurin

Greetings everyone,


Web Safety 7.4 – ICAP web filter for Squid proxy and Admin UI for Squid Proxy is now available for production use. The following changes and improvements are included into this build.

  • Added ability to limit bandwidth usage per policy (bandwidth throttling is implemented using Squid’s delay pool configuration parameters). See this documentation article.
  • Statistics storage optimized, the daily CSV files are packed as GZ files, reducing the storage requirements up to 10 times.
  • Fixed an issue with cluster traffic log uploads from more than two cluster nodes.
  • Fixed issues with rotating of Web Safety logs.
  • Added support for Squid 4.11 on Ubuntu 18/Debian 10.
  • Virtual appliance generation infrastructure moved to VMware ESXi 6.7 so some unknown issues might occur on older VMware vSphere/ESXi deployments.

Download Links

If you find bugs or issues with this new build (especially bandwidth limitation code) be sure to create an issue at our GitHub repository.


Thanks to all of you for making this possible.
Stay safe.

Best regards,
Rafael Akchurin

Diladele B.V.


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