[icap] Web Safety RC 6.0 ICAP web filter plugin for Squid proxy is now Release Candidate

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[icap] Web Safety RC 6.0 ICAP web filter plugin for Squid proxy is now Release Candidate

Rafael Akchurin

Greetings all,


We would like to announce the next version of Web Safety ICAP web filter for Squid proxy (version 6.0.0.EF8F, built on December 12, 2017) as Release Candidate.


This version contains the following fixes and improvements:


·        Added ability to block comments and related videos on YouTube.

·        Admin UI updated from Django 1.8.17 to Django 1.11.7 (breaking change!)

·        The backup/restore functionality was completely redesigned. It is now possible to directly import configuration backup from older version of the product into UI.

·        Added special community build of the product. This build is based on FOSS components and is completely free. Squid proxy, Admin UI to manage it, Traffic Monitor and ClamAV eCAP antivirus are included into the preconfigured virtual appliance based on Ubuntu 16 http://packages.diladele.com/websafety/6.0.0.EF8F/va/ubuntu16/websafety.zip .

·        Added support for haproxy’s PROXY protocol, now it is possible to know the user’s IP in cluster deployments. Policies can be applied by the IP address/range/subnet and not by only Active Directory authenticated user name/group.

·        Kerberos REALM field is moved to UI/Squid/Auth/Kerberos. Now is possible to use NTLM or LDAP authentication without configuring any Kerberos setting at all.


The version is available from https://www.diladele.com/download_next_version.html . It is recommended to use Ubuntu 16 and CentOS 7 based virtual appliances in production. Direct links to virtual appliances are:


·        http://packages.diladele.com/websafety/6.0.0.EF8F/va/ubuntu16/websafety.zip

·        http://packages.diladele.com/websafety/6.0.0.EF8F/va/centos7/websafety.zip


The final release is expected to take place at the end of January 2018. We are now slowly updating our docs site and all integration tutorials and continue acceptance tests on all platforms.


Please use this build in non critical production deployments. Your questions/issues/bugs are welcome at [hidden email]. Next version will include Google Safe Browsing protection as URL rewriter. Join our community to get early access to next development builds (see https://www.diladele.com/community.html).


Thanks to all of you for making this possible!


Rafael Akchurin

Diladele B.V.

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