ngtech repository goes TLS.

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ngtech repository goes TLS.

Eliezer Croitoru-3

Hey All,


I have upgraded my setup from plain HTTP only to HTTPS.

I will leave the HTTP channel open for now but in case you need HTTPS for any reason you can now use it.


The currently maintained repository is at:

Oracle Enterprise Linux 7 and 8

Amazon Linux 1 and 2

CentOS 7 and 8


There are also binary packages for Debian and Ubuntu(not deb packages).

I don’t know exactly the future of CentOS and I will try to support it but there is a chance I will stop supporting it in the future.

For now I am waiting for Squid 5.0.5 release and it will update almost automatically.





Eliezer Croitoru

Tech Support

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Email: [hidden email]

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