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squid restart

Just in case anyone else has this problem, or if anyone would like to comment on this, here's the solution I've found.

Running '/etc/init.d/squid restart' from cron (setting it up in crontab) does not honor ulimits.

Configuring /etc/crontab with something like 'bash -l /etc/init.d/squid restart' does not work either (it doesn't seem to run at all).

However, creating a custom.sh script somewhere which calls /etc/init.d/squid restart, and then configuring crontab with 'bash -l -c /somewhere/custom.sh' actually works. I now see:

# squidclient mgr:info
File descriptor usage for squid:
        Maximum number of file descriptors:   65535
        Largest file desc currently in use:   1583
        Number of file desc currently in use: 1576
        Files queued for open:                   0
        Available number of file descriptors: 63959
        Reserved number of file descriptors:   100
        Store Disk files open:                   0

I'm not sure why, but it works.

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