ssl-bump does not redirect to block page

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ssl-bump does not redirect to block page
My squid config is something like this:
acl blk ssl::server_name
http_access deny blk
http_access allow all

http_port tproxy
https_port 3130 tproxy ssl-bump \
  cert=/etc/squid/ssl_cert/myCA.pem \
  generate-host-certificates=on dynamic_cert_mem_cache_size=4MB
sslcrtd_program /usr/lib64/squid/security_file_certgen -s /var/lib/ssl_db -M 4MB

acl step1 at_step SslBump1
ssl_bump peek step1
ssl_bump splice all

My problem is when i block some pages like,my Firefox browser show "secure connection failed",but i want it to show block page or warning page, how can i do this?

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